Send me just one design and we'll print an unlimited number of versions of a label, pouch or shrink sleeve

Unlimited designs with our "newest" HP Indigo film & packaging press!

Label Impressions is constantly looking for ways to make your products stand out from the competition. We now offer a unique technology which can simplify making each of your individual products personalized.

Starting with a master data file or a master design, we can use an algorithm to change variable information or sections of a design on the fly to print a run of labels where each one is unique. Using the same technology, Nutella launched 7 million uniquely design packages which sold out in a month. Diet Coke set a record for the largest personalized campaign ever when it released 800 million individually named bottles across Europe.

This revolutionary technology is not only available for enormous corporations - it's economical enough for any size company to use. Southwest Wines used bold, digital labeling and a fun "Day of the Dead" theme to try to break into an already saturated market. The result: they sold 80,000 bottles in the first two months.

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This is just one more way Label Impressions, Inc. is leading the printing industry in quality, speed, and sustainability. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to request samples.

Source: Label Impressions