Short Run Solution - The New & Affordable Solution for Flexo Press Downtime and Short-Run Work

Over the past 18 months, APR has commissioned extensive research asking converters about downtime. We asked, what percentage of time are their flexo presses down, and what are the primary causes? As the saying goes, "You can only improve upon that which you have measured."

The results? In the U.S., flexo presses are down an average of 32% of the time, per eight-hour shift! The number one reason? Short-run work. If you are running 3 eight-hour shifts a day, it's as if your presses are idle for one of those 3 shifts.
APR's new digital offerings from Colordyne Technologies provide affordable production solutions for short runs. This will free up the capacity of your flexo press while giving you an economical solution for high-resolution digital printing.
It's all about regaining the time converters lose to setting up and changing over their flexo presses. APR has the most cost-effective turnkey digital solution available in the marketplace. To learn more click here.
If you'd like to receive the results of our research, the APR Narrow Web Flexo Production and Digital Printing White Paper is free to all label converters. Click here to receive your copy (registration is required).

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