OneVision Software AG announced as workflow partner of Screen GP Europe

German software manufacturer OneVision Software and printing press manufacturer Screen GP Europe are announcing their collaboration in the field of label printing. The seamless integration of OneVision's automated label printing software solution DigiLabel with Screen's Equios Workflow reduces throughput times and enables savings in time and costs.

Regensburg / Amstelveen. Due to the collaboration between OneVision and Screen GP Europe the day- to-day production of label printers gets now significantly easier. The integration of workflow and production software with Screen's high speed printing machines ensures smooth production workflows and maximum utilization of machines. DigiLabel seamlessly integrates with Screen's Equios Workflow. In addition to streamlining the prepress stage, DigiLabel optimizes the entire process from order receipt through artwork preparation for printing, production planning and automated job transmission to printing and stamping presses.

"Screen's and OneVision's solutions complement each other perfectly. Label printers benefit significantly from this collaboration. By combining DigiLabel and Equios workflow, order management and label production are automated. This increases machine utilization. Label printers are now able to work more efficiently," says Hussein Khalil, CEO of OneVision.

Perfect combination in order to achieve a high utilization of the Truepress Jet L350UV
In the field of workflows, the Equios Workflow for the Truepress Jet L350UV and the DigiLabel software solution complement each other perfectly without creating any overlaps. The Equios Workflow focuses on ripping PDF files, printer queue management, high-end screening, color matching and spot color adjustments. Conversely, DigiLabel supplies Equios with optimized PDF files including any required register marks, correct bleeds as well as any required white masks and varnish masks. The preparation of the PDF files ahead of the printing process accelerates the entire printing process and guarantees a high degree of quality. The continuous supply of correct and optimized printing data ensures the utilization of the highly productive Truepress Jet L350UV and provides increased throughput.

"Also due to the automated workflows and technical plates that can be generated with relative ease within DigiLabel, there is the opportunity to maximise the capability of the multi-pass printing capability of the Trupress Jet L350UV to print spot varnish, opaque white and foiling effects minimising the time of production and associated consumable costs," says Carlo Sammarco, Sales Director Packaging Solutions, Screen GP Europe, commenting on the close interaction between those two solutions.

Joint trade appearance at the Labelexpo
Among the first steps within the framework of this collaboration, OneVision will present a workstation at the booth of Screen Europe at the Labelexpo in Brussels as exclusive workflow partner. Experience the perfect interplay between hardware and software first hand at booth 9B30 fromĀ September 25 to 28.

About OneVision Software AG
OneVision Software AG is an international provider of innovative and cost-efficient software solutions for the printing, publishing and media industries. In the past 20 years, the company has used its products to establish itself as the world market leader for prepress. Newspaper publishers worldwide work with products from OneVision and profit from the automation, the reliability and the resulting cost savings. In addition to steady optimization of the existing solutions, OneVision Software AG continuously invests in developing new products and target customer segments. The company's product portfolio ranges from software for prepress to tools for intelligent color management and image optimization to products for digital publishing.


SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN GA) is a subsidiary of SCREEN Holdings (Kyoto, Japan). SCREEN GA is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of system components for the prepress and printing industries. Its large range of equipment includes the Truepress Jet range of large format inkjet printers, a UV inkjet label press, sheet-fed and web-fed inkjet presses, the EQUIOS workflow system, RIPs, and platesetters. The company is also a well-known manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries.

Source: WorldPressOnline