New Doctor Blade Performance Level Achieved
Running 24 hours for 14 days at 1800 fpm in Expanded Color Gamut Environment Reported


Charlotte, N.C.— FLXON reports HIGH SPEED HD FLEXO ECG pressrooms are now able to produce more than 30,000,000 feet of production on a single set of SWEDCUT®’s new advanced MFLEX PLUS® doctor blades. According to company spokesmen, Ryan Sharkey... “a combination of new doctor blade technology, higher performing presses and pressrooms holding themselves to the disciplined execution of ECG best practices make it possible for a pressroom to reduce blade consumption by 90% compared to just a few years ago”.  He went on to say pressrooms operating at this level make sure team members receive ongoing training and reinforcement that allows them to optimize their process. MFLEX PLUS® was developed specifically to be better able to precisely meter an anilox surface at very high speeds. Pressrooms using PLUS report being able to hold a clean tight dot for extended periods, prevent defects including back-doctoring; all while being less wearing to an anilox surface. 

MFLEX PLUS is one of 10 different SWEDCUT® products, each tailored to meet specific flexographic and rotogravure print and coating challenges. For a free trouble shooting consult, contact FLXON at


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