Flint Group’s innovative adapter with air flow system and sleeve with newly developed easy-mount technology improve productivity and safety at ROMMELAG FLEX
  • rotec® Eco Bridge and rotec® Smart Sleeve – the new generation adapter and sleeve combination for easy handling and improved safety
  • Experience and teamwork achieve innovative solutions for customers

Stuttgart, Germany, 5 September 2017 – ROMMELAG FLEX in Gaildorf, Germany, with more than 60 years of experience in the industry, focuses on innovation and new technologies. Together with their customers, ROMMELAG develops unique packaging solutions and offers premium quality and extensive expertise for food and hygiene packaging in various industries. 

The long-standing, successful business relationship between Flint Group Flexographic Products and ROMMELAG FLEX is based on continuous exchange and good collaboration in developing specialty products and applications. Flint Group provides innovative solutions and premium quality adapters and sleeves, such as the rotec® Blue Light, as well as printing plates such as the nyloflex® ACE and nyloflex® FTF, which support ROMMELAG FLEX in the production of valuable products that meet the end customers’ requirements.

One of the latest innovative products from Flint Group implemented at ROMMELAG FLEX is the rotec® Eco Bridge, an adapter with patent-pending air flow system using a breathable metal ring. The rotec® Eco Bridge is also nominated as a FlexoTech International Print & Innovation Awards Finalist.

The main advantage of the rotec® Eco Bridge adapter is the extremely easy mounting and de-mounting of the sleeves as well as a reduction in noise of 99%. After the first trial, Torsten Kohm, Production Shift Leader at ROMMELAG FLEX, said: “Our press operator was ecstatic. Mounting is much easier than before. The noise is significantly less than normal, and the best is, we can de-mount the 420 mm Repeat Sleeve with one hand, without effort! Perfect development for our pre-press operation.”

In the past, ROMMELAG used steel mandrels in the plate-mounting area. This was much more effort for the operators. When ROMMELAG decided to switch to adapters, the rotec® Eco Bridge provided the best performance. The rotec® Eco Bridge is much more efficient in creating the air pillow needed for sleeve mounting. And now, the air volume can be reduced by up to 90%, eliminating the problem, while allowing effortless and easy sleeve mounting.

Another challenge of the previous adapters was the noise from the compressed air. The high volume of sleeve mounting and de-mounting in the pre-press area requires an almost constant flow of compressed air, which was uncomfortably loud and also a safety hazard for the operators. The operators confirm that since the implementation of the rotec® Eco Bridge, the dangerous noise levels are no longer perceived and a thing of the past.

Learn more about the advantages of the rotec® Eco Bridge, watch the video and visit www.flintgrp.com/ecobridge

In addition to rotec® Eco Bridge, the recently launched rotec® Smart, a sleeve with easy-mount technology and up to 15% weight reduction, is being used. According to Burkhard Gerken, Regional Sales Manager, Flint Group Flexographic Products: “the operators are very happy with the improved handling and easy operation of this new product combination.”

ROMMELAG FLEX has chosen Flint Group as their supplier because of their reliability and excellent service in supplying quality products. The companies look forward to a continued cooperation for the future with the expectation of additional innovations and developments for finding positive solutions with the printer, for the printer.

For more information about Flint Group, please visit www.flintgrp.com or contact info.flexo@flintgrp.com


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Part of the ROMMELAG Group, founded in 1952, the company is focussed on innovative packaging solutions for the end customer. ROMMELAG FLEX provides tailor-made, flexible packaging solutions and are the inventor and world market leader in Blow-Fill-Seal Technology (BFS) for packaging aseptic liquids and semi-liquids. Some new products include individual food packaging solutions from foil like the “SNACKY – the new, clever snack pack for the road”; and the FLECOTEC products for the demanding pharmaceutical industry, where comprehensive containment solutions were developed to ensure maximum process reliability and safer handling for employee safety.

Source: Flint Group