BFT Flexo announces an exciting new partnership with distributor BARMEY

Even in Poland the new solutions to save water and ink, reducing the anilox cleaning costs.

BFT Flexo, inking and wash-up systems manufacturer, is pleased to announce that it has recently appointed Barmey as the new distributor in Poland for its product focused on saving of water and ink during the flexoghapic printing process. Barmey will offer expert guidance on systems selection and configuration, advising customers in Poland on the best BFT Flexo solution for their particular needs.

Customers in Poland can discuss their requirements with Mr. Wojciech Barabasz of Barmey. With a strong technical background in the flexographic market, he have the knowledge and experience to ensure their recommended solution will suit the customer’s needs.

Mr.Alberto Ferrara, Managing Director of BFT Flexo, said, “We are delighted to be working with Barmey. Mr. Barabasz know very well the flexographic printing and know all difficulties to clean the system during the colour changeover. Thanks to our systems and solutions, our customer will clean deep the anilox rolls, and they will recovery ink from the press that usually drops in the drain.”

Barmey’s knowledge of the market will be invaluable in supporting BFT Flexo to provide Polish customers with a service that is second to none. And thanks to use the 3D scanner is very easy understand the benefit of BFT Flexo systems, checking the system before and after installation.

For more information or a quote, please email Barmey at

About BFT Flexo Headquartered in Casale Monferrato , Italy, BFT Flexo manufactures GT1 inking and wash-up systems, and cleaning systems. All products are designed to improve cleaning quality of the anilox and the chamber doctor blade after each job and reduce costs of ink lost, for flexographic printers. Thanks to owner technologies, BFT Flexo systems are able to save the 50% of water during the wash-up of the print unit and save about 1.5kg ink after each printing job. . For regular updates, follow BFT Flexo on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About BARMEY. BARMEY is dynamic and innovative company supplying printing and packaging industry with equipment, consumables and services. Creating a compact and complementary package of high quality products and services designed for leading printing houses was the basic concern for the founder of the company. The sale conception is based on solidity and frankness. For many years Barmey is sharing technical knowledge concerning the offered products, helping to choose right solution for any flexo printing application.

Source: BFT Flexo