FLEXOMAID Premium Anilox Cleaning System

FLEXOMAIDTM — a new Canadian-based company committed to cleaning the invisible.

Its global approach includes the AEROMAIDTM, the ECOMAIDTM detergent and the first Quality Control Test for anilox roll cleaning. This premium solution ensures that you get optimal ink transfer, job after job without compromising the environment. AEROMAIDTM’s powerhead is patent pending.

AEROMAID - Air-Stream Power

Are Your Anilox Rolls Truly Clean?

Many washing systems can leave ink and coating residues hidden deep in the cells of your anilox rolls where you can’t see them.

At FLEXOMAIDTM, we call these invisible residues, and we know how much they can cost you in lost time, repeated cleaning cycles, poor ink transfer, inconsistent print quality and shortened roll lifespan.

Put your washing system to the test! Wash an anilox roll using your current process. Then use the FLEXOMAIDTM detergent and see for yourself how much invisible residue your system left behind.

With FLEXOMAIDTM, you’ll get truly clean anilox rolls that perform better and last longer while using less time, effort, and cleaning product. That’s what we call cleaning better with less!

FLEXOMAIDTM, A Global Approach for Cleaning Invisible Residues

The truth is, printers have long deserved better cleaning solutions for their anilox rolls. But the frustration of poor or inconsistent roll cleaning is now a thing of the past, thanks to the new global approach developed by FLEXOMAIDTM with state-of-the-art innovations:

Manual on-press cleaning:
Use ECOMAIDTM, bulk premium biodegradable detergents.
Automatic off-press cleaning:
Use AEROMAIDTM, patented air-stream anilox cleaning system

FLEXOMAIDTM helps ensure that you’ll get optimal ink transfer, job after job. Keep your anilox rolls impeccable at all times and start saving today with the industry-leading cleaning expertise from FLEXOMAIDTM.

AEROMAIDTM: The High-Performance Cleaning System

The AEROMAIDTM system from FLEXOMAIDTM uses state-of-the-art patent pending air stream technology to provide extraordinarily efficient, non-abrasive and contact-free cleaning that is safe for all your rolls. Get peace of mind from consistently reliable results.


The AEROMAIDTMsystem for anilox rolls features:
  • revolutionary air-stream powerhead technology;
  • fresh premium anilox detergent used during each cleaning cycle;
  • innovative waste disposal system;
  • advanced roll-cleaning software.


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ECOMAIDMAIDTM, Bulk Detergents for Manual Cleaning

ECOMAIDTM detergents ensure a safer workplace for your employees and safer and better cleaning of your anilox rolls.

  • Extremely Efficient
  • 100% Aluminum Compatible
  • Safe for Operators
  • Biodegradable
  • Soy Bean Based Detergents
  • Affordable
Aeromaid Cleaners