What do I do with my “old” cleaning solution?

From What’s the BuZZ? by Sonic Solutions

About 2 or 3 times a month, I get a call asking what should be done with old – used – spent cleaning solution.

I wish there was an easy answer, but there really isn’t. With the EPA and various other agencies that are in place to protect us and the environment, there is never an easy answer.

First step is to get a copy of the products MSDS. We ship one with each container of Sonic Kleen that we sell. If for some reason you misplaced it, email me and I can send you one. Then call your local waste authority. Ask them what you are permitted to do and act accordingly.

We have found a few things that seem somewhat consistent with your requirements.

First, you can neutralize the cleaning solution so that it’s pH becomes closer to a pH neutral. This will make disposing of the old solution easier. We sell a Citric Neutralizer (Part SK-100 – $220) that will help in your efforts.

Second, it seems common that the authorities will require you to dispose of the solution in a similar manner to the way that you dispose of your waste inks. In some communities you may need to have the items removed using an approved waste hauling company.

In either case, make sure you check with and follow the direction of your local waste authority.

“90/10 – Max 5”   90% Soaking – 10% Ultrasonics – No more than 5 minutes of ultrasonics each time.

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